Thompson-Markward Hall

From Our Residents


“TMH was a saving grace for me when I moved to DC. I had never been to the city before and I had no idea about where to live. TMH provided a safe, affordable, convenient location. But more so, the people I met through living there have become lifelong friends. I am forever grateful for the housing and support TMH provides, and hope to see it maintained as a place for women to launch their DC professional and personal adventures for generations to come!”

Resident 2003-2005

“I met some of my longest, dearest friends while living at Thompson Markward Hall. The group of women I met was much more diverse than the community of my small college. At Thompson Markward Hall, we were all starting out together, exploring who we were, who we wished to be and where we wanted to go.”

– Julia
Resident 1992-1994

“The years I spent at TMH were among my favorite in Washington, D.C. A home away from home, I met some of my best friends during my one-year stay. The tenants and staff were friendly, the environment warm, and the boarding and amenities offered were done so at a truly unmatched rate. I have recommended TMH time and time again to young women making the move to the District.”

Resident 2006-07

“It was my first home away from home in Sumter SC where I was born. I remember it very fondly as you could certainly tell by my tears. Finding out that it was still there and functioning the same as before was just wonderful. It was even more beautiful than I remembered.”

-Nancy J.
Resident 1957-59

“I walked through the doors of TMH 20 years after living on the 3rd floor during graduate school while working as a Congressional Fellow on the Hill back in 1996. I was so pleased to see young women from all walks of life and diverse cultures—much like the real, interdependent world we live in–at TMH.

I have included TMH in my estate planning because I want TMH to continue to help motivated young women who come to DC to fulfill their intellectual destinies.”

-Adrienne B.

Resident 1996

“The place where I found the encouragement to finish my master’s dissertation. Home to every girl who wants peaceful…friendly, and inspiring nights.”

-Hanar M.
Resident 2015

“I lived here in 1993 when Bill Clinton had just been inaugurated. It’s amazing that it looks exactly the same—like a snapshot of history.”

Resident 1993

“I lived here when I worked for the Library of Congress right out of college. What an experience. Washington DC had experienced riots during the summer of 1968, so my parents were relieved that “the Young Women’s Christian Home” was where I’d be living.”

Resident 1968-69

“Thank you Thompson-Markward Hall for launching a small-town girl into the big world, and providing a safe haven as I set out to pursue my dreams!”

-Tamara B.
Resident 1998

“I was a resident of TMH during the spring of 1986. During my four months here, I was exposed to much culture and history and world events. The Challenger was lost that spring and Kadafi was directing his terror toward the US. TMH was a safe harbor during much tumult. I credit my months in Washington, DC at TMH to forming much of who I am today. It gave me an opportunity to grow and mature and gain life experience within its walls. I’m grateful for TMH. May it last for many years to come.”

Resident 1986

“It was the summer of the Watergate hearings 1974. The Hill was the center of all that is good with our Democracy…The day President Nixon stepped down was the same day I was scheduled to have lunch with Vice president Ford. Needless to say, the lunch was cancelled. I will never forget that summer nor the friends I made at TMH.”

Resident 1974

“I lived here 15 years ago when I moved to DC without a job or knowing anyone here (I’d never even been for a visit!) Being able to live in this safe peaceful and happy environment was the greatest blessing”

Resident 1998